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40 years of award‑winning architecture.

touchGrove has the great honor of working with Rob Wellington Quigley Architects to develop the firm's marketing and technology strategies.
A Medical Breakthrough.

touchGrove developed branding and a digital platform for Alume Biosciences to help bring its amazing nerve illumination technology to clinical trial.
A Personalized Cancer Therapy.

touchGrove helped a pioneering cancer researcher and cancer survivor rebrand her biotech startup.
One Million Energy Actions.

touchGrove is working with The Energy Coalition on an app to help middle school students across the country track their household energy and resource consumption.
Serving the next generation of cancer researchers and physicians.

touchGrove is helping the UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center develop a live directory of the latest cancer training programs and collaboration opportunities throughout the medical research ecosystem in San Diego.
Historical Narratives in Mixed Reality.

touchGrove is working with a tribal leader in San Diego to develop a narrative platform for native storytelling in augmented and virtual reality.
Computer Science Education.

touchGrove is helping Design Code Build bring the science and art of technologies like game development, data science, and virtual and augmented reality to students in San Diego.

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