Developing a Cancer Training Pipeline
UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

In 2017, the National Cancer Institute created an initiative titled Cancer-Related Career Enhancement and Related Activities, or CRCERA. The goal of the initiative was to help the institutions that the NCI funds to track and report their cancer-related training activities, and how these trainees create an impact on the field of cancer research throughout their careers.

Towards that goal, we created a website that aggregates all of the cancer-related training programs and events at UCSD and other partner institutions. We also created a data map that illustrates geographically and over time how UCSD Moores Cancer Center trainees move through the ecosystem of cancer research and care institutions throughout the United States and around the world.
Outcome: Since site launch in April 2018, we have helped develop and run 10 training grant workshops, 2 conferences, 2 speed-mentoring sessions, and have gained 1500+ site members and subscribers. We are currently developing an online platform for a cancer-related CME series. In addition, we have developed a cancer-related CS program for high school biomedical summer interns, which is the basis for two pending NSF grant proposals we have written in collaboration with the Salk Institute on behalf of the Cancer Center.

The collaborative effort with the Moores Cancer Center on these educational projects helped to result in the Cancer Center's highest-ever CCSG score after the NCI review and site visit in October 2018.
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