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  • Software Updates

    Software Updates

    We have built an AWS-hosted update infrastructure that can scale to support multiple receivers, in multiple groups, for multiple models, across multiple licensees. This was essential to scale our offering. After all, our ATSC 1.0 middleware was deployed in over 30 million receivers using silicon from 14 vendors, across dozens of OEM models. We are serious about exceeding those numbers with our ATSC 3.0 offering. Your ATSC3pro receiver will update itself just like any popular OTT or Cable device.
  • Signal Strength Visualization

    Signal Strength Visualization

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see whether you’re getting a strong signal when you tune to a channel, or when you pull up the program info bar? We have added that. We will also be adding other characteristics like 4K, HDR and Dolby® AC4 status to the program info bar.
  • Additive Channel Scan

    Additive Channel Scan

    If you’re a terrestrial power user, you know that not all stations can be received with the same antenna orientation. We added the ability to perform additive channel scans without losing your previously acquired channel map.
  • ATSC 3.0 visualization in Grid Guide

    ATSC 3.0 visualization in Grid Guide

    Wouldn’t it be nice to know which stations are broadcasting an ATSC 3.0 signal? We added that to the grid guide. ATSC3 stations will show a distinctive watermark of blue and purple arcs.
  • Hide Unwanted Channels

    Hide Unwanted Channels

    Want to see only your favorite channels? We added the ability to hide unwanted channels.